One of the best rated hotels in Mostar

Hotel Carpe Diem Mostar is one of the best rated for a good reason, from it's professional staff to the food that you can't find just anywhere. Attention to details and quality control are the most important properties of a high rated hotel. We are open to taking suggestions from our guests and clients in order to continue our road to becoming the best rated hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Best food in Mostar

Carpe Diem Bar & resto is known for its perfect dishes! Our menu consists of pretty much anything you might like, from pizza to burgers, salmon or pasta, as well as premium aged beef. In our steak corner you can find the best steaks in Mostar.
Our hotel also has a separate restaurant area for guests that want more privacy
and don't want to be disturbed.
Our restaurant also offers food delivery through multiple delivery apps, so if you find your self on an adventure on the other side of the city, and a craving for our food, we've got you covered!

Fun activities in Mostar

Besides our regular offer, our guests can book local activites from our hotels reception, making it easier and more comfortable to enjoy all that Mostar has to offer. Hotel Carpe Diem Mostar is perfectly placed so that all the fun activities and sightings are near, popular attractions like the old bridge as well as the Fortica zip line are in our guests reach.